SERINP$ routine does not function as expected...???

Re: SERINP$ routine does not function as expected...???

Postby Robert Stretton » Tue Aug 06, 2013 2:07 pm

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Andries, I don't understand.
I have given you the actual real-time response from the Emic 2 and the EzSBC1 serial data lines, using the program above, in my last posts.
There is no need to have an Emic 2 for yourself because you can see the response for yourself in the wav file as the program ran.
Use the the free audio studio program Audacity as a scope to zoom in on the waveform produced by the Emic 2 and the EzSBC1 when the program ran.
By zooming in on the waveform you can see the time on the top rail and the data bits being sent at that time, and which channel, right or left.
(The serial out on pin 36 of the EzSBC1 is in the right channel of the recording and serial in is in the left, pin 37)
In comparing the program code, the report of what happened during execution, and the recording of the data-train, should be enough to see what is happening.
If that does not work for you then i suggest you try and write your own test program that would measure and test the serial responses.
I will run the code you created on my system and show you the waveform responses in real-time of the serial data-stream by storing it in a wav file to examine later.
I can't be more clear than that, and you certainly have the basic programming skills to figure out a test program to run, and so does Daniel...
If you guys don't want to help me with this problem then say so and i''l be on my way...

Robert Stretton
Robert Stretton


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