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Proper Chip Family for LPC1347 in CooIDE

PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:05 pm
by AKLitman
Hi Daniel -
I installed CooIDE and elected to use the default GNU ARM GCC compiler & tools. After establishing the TOOLCHAIN to the GCC Compiler as described in the CooIDE setup notes, I tried to create a simple application. I am stuck at the Browse Repository step because the LPC1347 is not one of the options for the M3 fAMILY. The only options that appear are - LPC1311, LPC1313, LPC1342, and LPC1343. I think you told me (or I read) that the LPC1347 is new and differs significantly from the 1343.

Before I post a query for the GCC Compiler on their forum, is there an obvious choice here or a mistake I have made of which you are aware?