Pinout of the New Revision of ESP32 Board

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Pinout of the New Revision of ESP32 Board

Postby Daniel » Sun Jan 07, 2018 3:21 pm

This is the correct pinout and functions for the new board. The schematic is attached.
Thanks to Geoff Bunza for the photo and pinout diagram.

The Schematic is no longer correct for all boards. Boards shipped after January 24 use a new voltage regulator. The HT7333A regulator has been replaced by a TS9013 regulator. The TS9013 regulators is a 500mA regulator and can power some peripherals connected to the 3.3V pins of the board. The HT7333A was not really capable of supplying external devices with power when the ESP32 is transmitting in WiFi mode.
Esp32Breakout1c _ ESP32.pdf
ESP32 Board Schematic
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