ESP32_Ant-1 newby questions

ESP32_Ant-1 newby questions

Postby drmacro » Thu Sep 19, 2019 10:30 am

Just got a couple Ant-1 boards, so getting my feet wet.

Is the schematic on the ESP32-01 Breakout download page the same as the _Ant-1 board? There is nothing on the download page of the Ant-01. (At least as of a couple days ago...)

Is it safe to run the board with a Vin connected to 5V and the USB plugged in at the same time? I see the diode (D1), but can I program with both connected? Can I use Serial.print/ with both connected?
(yeah, being lazy, I know I could just try it... :oops: )

Also, my prototype (with a Adafruit board) is using GPIO 16 as an input. Can I get away with leaving the LED (on the Ant-1) or should I just save myself the headache and use another pin...? (I know, again with the lazy... :oops: It's really just a wire change on my proto-board and a change one line of code.)

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