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EzSBC Forums - Read First

Postby admin » Tue Nov 13, 2012 4:45 pm

Hello to Everyone

Please use these forums as the primary place to ask questions about our products. We watch this board and will reply to all questions related to our products in a timely manner.

Please be polite to users even if they ask 'dumb' questions or make 'silly' comments. This is an international forum and cultures vary.

We have zero tolerance for spam. You may post links to relevant products or information. Your signature may include a link to your own site or to your favorite site. All other posts with links will be deleted and users banned, no exceptions. Due to the number of spammers getting past the anti-spam measures all registrations will be examined by a human before approval. This may cause a one day delay in registration being approved.

Please respect the rights of others, specifically copyrights.

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