Replacing LPC1347 with pin compatible LPC11U37

Replacing LPC1347 with pin compatible LPC11U37

Postby jonneva » Wed Sep 23, 2015 6:39 am

Hello Daniel (and others)

LPC1347 and LPC11U37 seem to be 1:1 pin compatible.

I am running out of program memory on the LPC1347 (64kB Cortex M3 @ 72 MHz). I am thinking about the fastest way to create a test system based on LPC11U37 (128kB Cortex-M0 @ 50 Mhz).

I got an idea that I'll buy another EZsbc2, remove the LPC1347 and drop in a LPC11U37. Both devices use USB-ISP, so I presume both are OK to go with the same 12 MHz crystal (to create the 48Mhz USB frequency).

Do you think it'll work or will I have to take something else into account ?
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