Sparkfun LCD Serial Backpack w/ezbsc1+proj brd example

Sparkfun LCD Serial Backpack w/ezbsc1+proj brd example

Postby defaultgateway » Mon Mar 04, 2013 5:10 am

A simple program to show how to use either port 0 (terminal) or port 1 serial uart to send a text string to either the terminal or a Sparkfun serial enabled 3.3v version LCD:

Requires: Project Board, EzSBC1, Sparkfun LCD with serial backpack, 3.3v version

Setup: ADC36 pin on proj brd (TXD1) to sparkfun RX, GND and 3.3 v from project board pins to respective GND, 5v Sparkfun board. Note- you must use the 3.3v version, and the PCB board stencil still shows 5 v - but YOU MUST USE 3.3V
(I don't know if they have made a change for later units, this one was manf. in may of 2011....)

Port 0 is set up already to communicate via the usb connection to terra term
Port 1 is set up for the defaults needed for the sparkfun PIC


'Serial Port Example
'ok 3/4/13

'serialinit port,baudrate,databits,stopbits,parity
'TXD1 on pin adc36 on proj board

SERINIT 1,9600,8,1,0

'Send chars in string out serial port number 1, return 0 if ok or <0 if error
'port 1 is the 2x16 LCD, port 0 is the ser. port via USB to PC terminial
x=SEROUT(1,"LCD TexT")
x=SEROUT(0,"PC Term TexT")
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