LS2 12V in disconnected output goes high momentarily

LS2 12V in disconnected output goes high momentarily

Postby JohnV » Wed Jun 08, 2016 9:53 pm

Hello, I purchased the LS2 level shifter because I needed to trigger some inputs of an Arduino v3 using 12V signals. It works as far as the voltage conversion goes, but I noticed the following problems:
1) If I supply 12V to I2 rapidly 3 or 4 times, O2 goes high as expected but O3 will sometimes go high momentarily although there is nothing connected to I3. The same problem exists when I supply 12V to I3 and I2 has nothing connected to it.
2) I noticed that if I touch with a screwdriver or my finger one of the inputs, the output may also go high momentarily.

At this point it seems to be too unstable and unpredictable in order to use for my application. Is there something I am missing here? Do the inputs need to be pulled to GND and if yes, what size resistors should I use for 12V?

I am fairly new to this and any help with it will be much appreciated.
John V.
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