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Suggestion for a boost regulator product

PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 5:07 pm
by xander
In your line of regulators, you have several useful buck type products. What would be really useful is a small boost variant for driving higher voltage LEDs. A part like the TI LM2662/LM2663 packaged on a small board like your PSU2-ADJ would be perfect. Given that, I could take a 5V rail, boost enough to feed the LEDs (usually around 7.5V) and not need an extra power source.

I recently ordered your LS2 level shifter. It is just what I need to drive the LEDs in some large 7-segment displays I have. I can use a 9V battery to supply them, but given that the total current draw is pretty reasonable, having a voltage doubler on the 5V would be so much tidier.