Most efficient battery setup?

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Most efficient battery setup?

Postby srosti » Sat Nov 23, 2019 9:54 am

Anyone have any power efficient battery configurations that they like for an ESP32?

I am using an 18650 usb shield and I only get about 3 days of use out of the esp32. The esp32 will wake up
every 10 minutes and push some data to an mqtt server and then drop into deep sleep. I suspect I'm losing
lots of power on the cheap 18650 shield or maybe even the 18650 batteries are toast. Both are from aliexpress
so who knows how good they are. Unfortunately, I don't have a scope to measure the power draw on the shield
itself when the unit is in deep sleep.

Would a better setup be to use a li-po battery pack with a jst connector directly on the esp32?
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